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Common Customer Queries

Queries related to refunds, app related & business solutions..

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Q: What is your money back guarantee?

A: MenuHuts now offers money back guarantee on all our Monthly Plans, so if you’re not getting the results you want with your Mobile App you simply need to contact us within 30 days from the date of purchase and you can get a refund – no questions asked. The guarantee is valid only for the first app.

Q: What are the benefits of upgrading my plan to one of the paid plans?

A: When you upgrade from a free plan on to any of the paid plans you stand to gain the following benefits.

You can edit/update/revise your app on a regular basis using our App Builder. MenuHut's experienced team of developers would ensure that your App goes Live on your chosen publishing platform. Upgrading enables Push Notifications.
Access to 24X7 premium support services via Chat, Email & Phone. 

Q: How do I monetize my app?

A: You can earn money from your app through in-app Ads & in-app purchases.

Q: How do I upgrade from one plan to the other?

A: To upgrade form one plan to the other all you have to select the app that you want to upgrade, and then click on Upgrade Plan. Here, you would be able to see the current status and plan of your app. Also, you would be offered various options that you can subscribe to, and you can choose from Monthly or Yearly subscriptions of Platinum plan, Gold plan or Basic plan. After choosing the preferred subscription you can even choose app add-ons as per your requirements. Once you have selected everything click on continue and then pay for your subscription and your plan would be upgraded.

Q: Are the prices inclusive of taxes?

A: No, all the prices mentioned here are exclusive of taxes.

Q: Which currencies except US Dollars or Euros do you accept?

A: Apart from USD & Euros, we accept Australian Dollar, Canadian Dollar, New Zealand Dollar, Great Britain Pound, Brazilian Real, Omani Riyal, Dirham, Qatari Riyal, Saudi Riyal, Indonesian Rupiah, South African Rand, Colombian Peso, Argentine Peso, Hong Kong Dollars, Japanese Yen, Mexican Peso, Russian Ruble, Malaysian Ringgit & Indian Rupee.

Q: Which payment methods do you accept?

A: We accept payments through Credit Cards, Debit Cards, PayPal, & Online Banking.
(Payment methods are country-specific & some may be unavailable in your country.)

Q: Do you have special plans or discount prices for schools/Non-profit/EDU/Govt bodies etc.?

A: Yes, we do.

Q: Will my app work after I cancel my subscription with you?

A: No, once you have canceled your subscription, your app would be locked.

Q: Can I reactivate my plan after cancellation?

A: Yes, you can.

Q: Does this price cover the publishing fee as well?

A: No these prices do not cover the publishing fee. Though we assist our paid users to publish their app on the store for the first time, but they have to pay the platform for their own developer accounts. The Apple App Store charges a $99 annual developer fee and Google Play charges a one-time fee of $25.

Q: How to set up my business web page and email address?

A: Yes we can set up your business web page and email id through webspace, where your home page and email accounts are placed so that others can able to visit your      business homepage and send you emails.

Q: I don’t know anything about programming. Can I still make a home page with you?

A: Our vision has from the start been to offer a simple, flexible and user-friendly product, which at the same time takes heed of the beginners’ competences and the expectations of the professional user. Through a focused effort we managed to develop a system, which in one solution gives both the non-technical and the technical user the possibility to unfold on the Internet.

Moreover we offer the use of several free tools, especially aimed at the non-technical user. These make it possible to create one's own unique home page or blog on the internet within a few clicks.

Q: Do I have to pay for web hosting?

A: No, absolutely as because we are partners with AWS ( Amazon Web Service ) and they are well known in the global market for their secure, fast hosting servers.

Q: What language does your support speak?

A: Our English speaking supporters are 24 hours a day and 365 days a year ready to answer your question through our online chat service.

If you wish to communicate with us in different languages, we also offer support in (If any languages).

Q: How do I pay?

A: Our primary way of payment is online payment through the use of PayPal or credit cards such as VISA and MasterCard.

Q: Is it safe to pay with a credit card over the Internet with you?

A: When you shop with your credit card online, it's important that you only go to websites you trust.
We take the utmost care with the information that you provide us when placing an order on our website (or through any other means). 

The server that hosts our bookstore encrypts the transmission of all credit card and personal customer information using the Internet-standard SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol.During the encryption process, information is scrambled into small bits of code that cannot be read as they travel to us over the Internet. Once we receive the encrypted information, we use a private, one-of-a-kind key to decode it.

Q: How stable are your systems?

A: We are partners with AWS (Amazon Web Services) and they provide a very fast solution for creating and running servers, may it be for development or even production systems. Servers, server rooms and the bandwidth are monitored around the clock, 365 days a year.

Q: What is a custom work?

A: A custom work with MenuHuts products are newly added features on existing code, available for customers as per their business need and demand. It helps to provide new or different appearance to the existing features which can only be possible with custom work.

Q: Do you have demo account with all features added?

A: Yes, we have demo account along with all features activated, our demo works Brilliant.

Q: What kind of documents do I need to submit to get started?

A: You need to provide your registered email id, Contact details as phone number, country of citizenship & Domain info. In order to get few more info of you we will get in touch if required.

Q: I already own a domain, can I use it with Website Builder?

A: Yes, that's not a problem. If you have a domain registered elsewhere and would like to use it for your new site you simply need to point that domain name to our name servers.

Q: I'm giving sensitive information, how can I be sure this information will be kept confidential?

A: All of the information you provide during the ordering process is restricted to our staff, and we make sure that all of our employees up-to-date on our security and privacy policies.

Q: Will I be able to set up PayPal or other payments with your templates?

A: Yes, we have in-built integration for all of our customers with easy set up guides for PayPal.

Q: Is your support free or should I pay for your assistance?

A: Yes our support is absolutely free for general getting started instructions, explain of features etc, feel free to ask our support for help. We limit the questions to issues related to getting the template installed and working. If anything else is beyond the scope it leads to custom work will charge you for that.

Q: What are the packages and offers you have?

A: We offer the best prices with effective services which will totally justify your expenditure. We have pricing for different categories of business to help you explain please visit our pricing link as below:

Q: How long will it take to install the template and start if I purchase the installation from you?

A: The usual period is 24-72 hours. However, if you still need our help, just hit "reply" to let us know and one of our team will be in touch shortly. We’ll do our best to make it happen as quickly as possible.

Q: What documents you provide as contract after I pay?

A: You will be receiving a detailed INVOICE upon purchase of a package with us.